Why I like Movies

Well, we all do! In fact, I haven’t met anyone who adamantly says, “Movies are not my cup of tea.” No! I haven’t! At least, not yet. Won’t you love to snuggle up on your favorite couch and watch a fascinating movie. Some people would love an enchanting getaway through a Disney film while others would thoroughly enjoy staying at the edge of their seats watching a thriller. Now, I would like to tell you why I love movies and what genres I relish the most.

To travel through time and space

I love the way in which a story takes me to a different place and time. I dream of a different life….and sometimes even become a character, all in my mind. Nevertheless, it’s a fun thing to do, isn’t it. One day, you savour that cool countryside view of horses and lovers and the next day you’re there, on that same couch, gasping for breath while watching a suspense-filled movie. This is something I love. And, yes, I love movies that show quite and calm countryside living, ‘Legends of the Fall ‘, being one among my favorites.

To getaway

Who among you wouldn’t crave to getaway from normal life for some time. I love that feeling movies give me. Sometimes at the end of that short duration of around two hours, we would have traveled centuries. I think a good film is indeed a getaway, one that you can have from the comfort of that couch you so dearly embrace.

Seeking for shift of perspective

Yes! Stories help us to think from someone else’s shoes. In the movie, you needn’t be blind to know how it is to be blind. You feel it! You know the character’s pain or joy just as if it were your own. And, sometimes a movie can change your entire perspective or in short, the way you think. In the same way you believe almost everything the hero does. Well, let me ask you a question……when you watched the movie, ‘First Blood’, did you, even for a moment doubt Rambo’s massive strength. I’m sure most of you din’t. At least, not while watching the movie.

The Music and Sound

I don’t know how many of you love to hear soundtracks. But, I believe quite some of you love it and listen to it. Although, sometimes you might not notice while watching a film, the music actually takes you to than scene, even without you knowing. Well, every time you here that strange and funny music from Pirates of the Caribbean, you know for sure that Jack Sparrow is somewhere close. Music plays a big role in the audience’s mind, so does sound, in general. Did you know that one of the reasons you get terrified by horror movies is the hidden infrared sounds in the soundtrack. Well, strangely enough, it is. Infrared sounds are inaudible to us humans, but it creates a sense of fear in the minds of the listeners. So, that does the magic it does!!!

The cast

I enjoy seeing my favorite actors on the screen. It’s simple as that…….I know you do too!!

Genres I love the most

I think I enjoy more than a handful of movie genres. While I love Disney and fantasy movies, I thoroughly enjoy thriller and action movies too. I guess, for me it largely depends on what I want to watch at that moment.

Is it the same for you…..? Feel free to comment below with your favorite movie genres and movies.


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