Review of ‘The Last Kingdom’ – Netflix

The best thing about watching a series is that you would never go out of options when you turn on Netflix……unless the series ends or discontinues in between!! Well, that’s what happened to ‘The Last Kingdom’ and me, an ardent fan of the Historical Fiction Series.

The Last Kingdom – Born a Saxon and raised as a Dane

I started watching ‘The Last Kingdom’ a few months back and immediately fell in love with its characters. It’s a gripping historical series that portrays England and the Viking invasions. Uhtred, the war leader, who was born to Saxon nobility, gets kidnapped by Danes when he was only a boy. He goes on to become a war hero who supports the Saxon King, Alfred.

The Last Kingdom is woven with its vivid characters and their relationships with each other. You would find a place in your heart for each of them. What I find most amusing about this series is that all its personas are depicted in a very straightforward way. In The Last Kingdom, no character is perfect, but most of them will touch you in one way or the other. Some of them, in fact, can be ruthless and yet show a softer side that can instantly melt the viewers minds.

The only thing I dislike about this series is that it ended. Well, it didn’t end actually, it just discontinued and I’m waiting with all my heart to know what would become of Uhtred and his quest to take back Bebbanburg.



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