What are you doing now?

I recently started working in the ad business. I love the idea of writing for brands. Now, I’ve a degree in French and I’m completely aware how it has got nothing to do with writing content in English. But, as someone once said, “you never know where life would take you”. And, honestly, most frankly, I still don’t. For now, all that I can say is that writing ad content absolutely delights me.

One thing that drives me into advertising content writing and copywriting is diversity. Truly, I’m that sort of person who gets almost queasy with the monotonous nature of some jobs. I remember telling my father, one day that I would never be able to accept a nine to five, five days a week routine, of work life. However copywriting and general ad content writing made me stun myself. I never imagined that I would yearn for work like I do now. I’m positively in love with copywriting. And, yes the main reason is diversity. As much as I enjoy writing, I find working on the same topic kind of like a ho-hum process. Copywriting is a way to express your creativity. You can surprise people with just two words, as long as you know what you’re doing.

I love the fact that I can write for diverse brands and ignite myriads of ideas. I love how I get to learn a lot through the process and I, most eagerly do long to learn more. And, about my degree in French, well I don’t want to waste the efforts I had put in for three whole years to gain that certificate. And, I love learning languages. So, presently, I’m an ad content writer who attends French classes in the weekends. What do you do? I would love to know what each of you do and why you find it special….

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