4 steps to becoming a better writer

We all crave to become better in what we do. We all want to excel. Now, if you’re a writer who yearns to become a better writer, I’ve some tips for you that might come in handy. Here are 5 steps that can help you to improve your writing skills. Write everyday to improve your … Continue reading 4 steps to becoming a better writer


Review of ‘The Last Kingdom’ – Netflix

The best thing about watching a series is that you would never go out of options when you turn on Netflix......unless the series ends or discontinues in between!! Well, that’s what happened to ‘The Last Kingdom’ and me, an ardent fan of the Historical Fiction Series. The Last Kingdom - Born a Saxon and raised … Continue reading Review of ‘The Last Kingdom’ – Netflix

Why I like Movies

Well, we all do! In fact, I haven't met anyone who adamantly says, "Movies are not my cup of tea." No! I haven't! At least, not yet. Won't you love to snuggle up on your favorite couch and watch a fascinating movie. Some people would love an enchanting getaway through a Disney film while others … Continue reading Why I like Movies

5 must-watch movies of all time

Have you ever watched a movie and instantly fell in love with it ? Perhaps, it was that character that left you dew-eyed or that particular scene that changed your perspective. Films are bound to leave us awe-struck. Now, here are 5 must-watch movies that I've picked up for you. The Sound of Music Directed … Continue reading 5 must-watch movies of all time

Personal Development

Do you believe in yourself? Have you ever considered bringing out the best version of ’You’? Every single person has gifts and talents. And, surprisingly, we are not aware of all of them. Did you know that a person who loses his eyesight tends to develop keen ears? I’m sure you must have heard of … Continue reading Personal Development

The power of making memories

We live in a fickle world. Everyday is a new chapter in each person's life and nobody knows what tomorrow will unfold. Sometimes it's better to live for the moment as it's impossible to change the future. What lies in store is bound to happen and no one can alter that. But we can make … Continue reading The power of making memories